Wrap up your wedding weekend with a farewell brunch! We can create a brunch spread for your entire guest list, or just your VIPs. We offer everything from classics like quiche and croissants from our sister bakery Little Spruce Baking, to signature brunch items like lobster benedict on an Eventide Oyster Co. brown butter lobster roll. We also have done south of the border brunch spreads featuring chilaquiles and tamales, and are always happy to create new menus that fit your vision for your event.


Granola Station
House granola, fresh and dried fruit, berries, toasted nuts, honey and house greek style yogurt

Smashed Fingerlings
Griddled to perfection then tossed with brown butter and chives

Diners Finest Meats
House made breakfast links, Canadian bacon, crispy smoked bacon and pastrami hash 

Creamy Collard Greens
With caramelized onions, salt pork topped with gruyere and baked until golden (vegan option available)

Baked Eggs
Cast iron baked with shredded farm cheddar, scallions and herbs

Buttermilk Biscuits
Light and fluffy, with whipped cultured butter and assorted jams

Waffle Buffet
Sweet and savory waffles made a la minute, comes with warm maple syrup, whole berry compotes, fresh fruit, whipped cream, house made nut butters and some sweet and crunchy toppings

Eventide’s Brown Butter Lobster Rolls and other passed apps accompany creative cocktails at parties and receptions by Big Tree Catering.
Through Eventide Oyster Co. we have had the opportunity to build strong relationships with Maine’s best oyster farmers and fishermen. That means our raw bar offerings are always fresh, delicious, and locally sourced. Oysters are usually the centerpiece of our raw bar but we can expand the raw bar to include - littleneck clams, Jonah crab, crab legs, lobster tails, and beyond.
House-made, imported and domestic cured meats are accompanied by mustards, compotes, pickles and nuts on a Big Tree Catering charcuterie board.

Cocktail Party Style


Lobster Rolls
Maine lobster meat tossed in warm brown butter vinaigrette  and served in a miniature split top Chinese style steamed bun.

Yakitori style! Served in the Japanese style, these small skewers are dipped and basted with rich teriyaki and served with appropriate seasoning salt and garnish.

Choose 2-3 from:
Chicken Thigh
Beef Rib
Shiitake & Scallion
Pork Meatball
Tofu & Sweet onion

Tofu and Hijiki Fritters
Pickled seaweed and tofu in an airy fritter and served with a lemon-tarragon aioli.

Crab Rolls
Fresh Maine Jonah crab meat lightly tossed in a yuzu kosho mayo and served in a miniature split top Chinese style steamed bun.


Raw Bar
Maine oysters and littlenecks served from our custom shucking station with lemons, cocktail sauce and red wine mignonette. Add-ons: king crab legs, split lobster tails, sea urchin.

Charcuterie Board
A well curated selection of house made, domestic and imported cured meats that will impress any charcuterie aficionado. Attention will be paid to represent a variety of textures, styles and ages. Accompaniments will include: mustards, compotes, pickles and nuts.

The Cheese Board
This board will include a robust selection of some of the finest domestic and imported cheeses in the world, showcasing various animal milks, methods, textures and ages. Replete with necessary accompaniments: olives, pickles, membrillo, nuts, honey, compotes, etc...


Bo Ssam
Marinated and smoked pork shoulder pulled and ready to make your own lettuce wraps with butter lettuce, smoked oyster emulsion, house sambal, various pickles and an herb salad.

Includes: Smashed cucumber salad, kim chee and potato salad.


Selection of Pies
Choose three to four styles from a variety of pies. Our standard pies include: Blueberry lattice, citrus meringue pie with graham cracker crust, bourbon maple pecan, chocolate pecan, chocolate cream pie and blueberry clafoutis. Additional fruit pies will be available depending on season. Please ask what might be available during your event.

Sashimi grade tuna tartare.
Show your guests a classic Maine experience with our Maine-style lobster bake. Whether we’re on the beach, in the backyard of an airbnb, or outside your wedding barn venue, this relaxed taste of vacationland is always a fan favorite.

Lobster Bake


Your choice of vegetables fried in a light as a feather batter and served with ponzu, you choose 2-3:

Maitake Mushroom
Onion Petal
Sweet Potato
Ask about seasonal items

Tuna Tartare
Chopped sashimi grade tuna dressed with a soy and chili oil vinaigrette and served on ramen crackers with house grown micro greens.

Crab Rolls
Fresh Maine Jonah crab meat lightly tossed in a yuzu kosho mayo and served in a miniature split top Chinese style steamed bun.


Clam Bake
Steamer clams, mussels, lobsters, potatoes, salt pork, eggs, corn on cob (in season) served with nori vinaigrette, lemon wedges and drawn butter.

Includes: potato chips, biscuits and cole slaw.


Novelty Cake Spread
Like an old school Maine general store! Selections will include whoopie pies, oatmeal cream pies, Fauxtess cupcakes, Allens brandy brownies, cheesecake blondies, coconut ‘snowballs,’ brown butter Twinkies.

Family-style service for dinner with Big Tree Catering.
House-baked pies, or novelty mini-cakes round out Big Tree Catering’s Family-Style dinner.

Family Style

Biscuits with honey and jam

1ST Course

Brassicas Salad
Grilled kale and cabbage, fried brussels sprouts, radishes, maple walnuts, blue cheese, savory vinaigrette and micro mustard greens.

2nd Course

Confit Lamb Shoulder
Marinated and confit North Star Farm lamb shoulder. Grilled over coals for a nice char before serving.

3rd Course

Grilled Beef
Grilled whole NY strips, eye of ribs and rib caps from Peppermint Fields Farm in Fryeburg, Maine. Served with our house made steak sauce.

Poached Arctic Char
Lightly poached Arctic char, served atop seasoned sushi rice with julienned daikon radish, nori strips and a yuzu kosho vinaigrette.


Blueberry Pie + Whipped Cream